Coaching Services




One-time consultation

$30 for 1 hour

  • Do you have most things figured out but just want some advice?
  • As a Registered Kinesiologist and experienced athlete, I can advise you on:
    • Nutrition
    • Weight training
    • Run training
    • Recovery
    • Mental skills training
    • Race strategy
  • Ideally these would be conducted via FaceTime to receive a quality one hour one-on-one consultation

Run Training:


  • You will receive personalized run training based on goal setting, lifestyle, racing schedule and more to provide the best possible individualized training program
  • You will gain the knowledge about the building blocks of a good training program to ensure that you understand the “WHY” behind your sessions
  • Mental skills coaching – the pinnacle to success in endurance sports is understanding how mental aspects affect your performance
  • Nutrition coaching – as a Registered Kinesiologist, I am trained in nutrition and able to offer sound, scientific based approaches to your nutrition
  • Bi-weekly discussions via email or facetime to go over training and any problems that may have arised
  • Personalized resistance training plan aligned with your run training cycles to help maximize performance and minimize injuries while also addressing major weaknesses and/or muscular imbalances

Weight Training Plan Only


  • For those who already have a run coach, or those who feel comfortable with the running component but have NO IDEA what all those fancy strength training exercises are, THIS IS FOR YOU!
  • Detailed exercise programs completely tailored to your INDIVIDUAL needs
  • Assessment detailing your potential weaknesses and muscular imbalances
  • A certified Personal Trainer and Kinesiologist teaching you the basics behind proper training techniques including periodization, tempo, and muscle loading
  • An elite runner providing you with RUNNER SPECIFIC exercise programs to help keep you on your feet and keep you out of the injury cycle

Mental Skills Training

$ Individual basis

Are you having a hard time figuring out what’s missing? Do you find yourself unorganized and demotivated? Do you find yourself mentally sabotaging your training or racing? This might be a perfect solution for you!


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