Tanis Bolton


Personal Bests

                                                                3000m – 10:04

5k- 17:08

10k – 35:40

15k – 57:25

21.1k – 1:19:10

30k ATB: 1:59

42.2k – 2:55:41

Welcome to my blog! I started this blog to help motivate myself and others to push towards goals and never settle! I am an Ontario road racer, ex cross country and track gal at the University of Windsor. After many years of disappointment, I decided to take up road races and have never turned back. When you find your calling, every run, every core session, every day is easier to push on. Got my eyes set on being among Canada’s Top Distance Elites in the coming years. That’s going to come with hours of mileage and a lot of hard work. I’m ready for it!

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