Shoe Review Skechers Performance 2018

Hey Everyone! Happy St. Patty’s Day!

For today’s post I have some exciting news! I have decided to commit to weekly posts so check back every Friday or Saturday and check them out! I’ve switched things up a bit today – a gear review. Check it out below- 5 SHOES IN 4MINUTES!

*Disclaimer: These shoes are provided to me free by Skechers Performance Canada, though these opinions are truly my own.


  • GORUN 6: 4-8mm drop (removable insert to “pick your fit”, 5.3oz W/ 6.7oz M
  • GOMEB SPEED 5 [1:24-2:12]: 4mm drop, 4.5oz W/ 5.8oz M
  • GO MEB RAZOR 2 [2:13-3:00]: 4-8mm drop (insert or not), 5.2oz W/ 6.8oz M
  • GORUN ULTRA ROAD 2 [3:01-3:48]:  4mm drop, 2″ heel, 6.4oz W/8oz M (will be the Ultra Max later this year):
  • GORUN Ride 7 [3:48-4:27]: 6mm drop, 7.3oz W/9.3oz M


  • NOT PICTURED >> GORUN FORZA 3 – Creating it’s own category as a lightweight stability shoe. Kara Goucher’s go to shoe! This is for all you PRONATORS out there! If you need more support this is your shoe. 6mm drop, 7.3oz W/9.2oz M
  • NOT PICTURED >> GOTRAIL ULTRA 4 – Ultra-style shoe very similar to the GORUN ULTRA ROAD but with a more aggressive grip on the sole of the shoe. 4mm drop, 8.4oz W/ 10.7oz M


Fit is true to size aka same as most other brands. *You’re looking for their “Performance Line”


*Right now they are a bit low in stock so keep checking back to find your shoe!

In person:

*Best to call ahead


*I will update this as I find out more expos

Catch you at Achilles 5k this weekend in Toronto! Happy St. Patty’s day everyone!

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Be Present

IMG_vwrr5xIn my last blog I spoke about my learnings from Peak Performance, more specifically about living with purpose. I wanted to come back to another important aspect of life that I’ve been inspired to work on (because of that book as well). Mindfulness. Have you noticed the “trend” lately from many of the top athletes of practicing meditation? I was like you, “yeah yeah meditation, yeah I know it’s good for you, but I don’t know if I’d like it,” I thought. I read it over and over in many tweets and blogs and still didn’t give it much real thought. Now, I am science-based. I need to see things scientifically proven before I’ll fully get behind them. Cue Peak Performance.  Continue reading

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The Anatomy of One’s Purpose

Have you ever stopped to think truly about your purpose in life? Why are you doing the things you are doing? What gets you up in the morning? If you haven’t tried to define it, you likely feel lost or struggle with consistently being motivated. I hope that by the end of this blog, you too will feel motivated to find yours.

As of late, I’ve been exploring meditation and the mental aspects of performance in


Matt Fitzgerald and Nataki

running and in life. It started with reading my new friend’s book, How Bad Do You Want It by Matt Fitzgerald. I read this book leading into my fall marathon, while I was in the best shape of my life. Unfortunately, an injury didn’t allow me to use these new techniques, I continued to ponder them.

 I was longing to read another book and continue with my “growth mindset” but with a busy schedule wasn’t sure where I could fit this is. Audiobooks! Ding! The alarm went off in my head, “audiobooks, yeah, perfect,” I thought. “I can read while running my easy mileage and likely absorb the material better anyways since I am exercising and fully engaged.” My very first listen, would turn out to be the best possible choice. Peak Performance by Steve Magness and Brad Stulberg, is a book about achieving peak performance and avoiding burnout not only in athletics, but in all aspects of life. I’d highly recommend this read; they analyze ideas and back them with proven scientific study but yet are able to keep it interesting with real world examples reaching across many domains.  This post is inspired by them. I’ve only decided to talk about the very last chapter here but there are so many other things I learned including sleep, controlling stress, optimizing recovery and many more things. I will likely talk about these things in future post. Continue reading

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STWM Recap

It has been a few days since the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon and I’m ready to reflect and celebrate my fall season. This fall season was short and concise in order to put everything I had into the marathon. Continue reading

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Flagstaff 2017: The Quest for Fitness

Forget about the reasons why you can’t in life and start to try, cause it’s your time, time to fly.

      After a quick internet search of throwback 90’s music hits, I found myself uploading some Hilary Duff songs to my ipod. Growing up, I had Hilary’s metamorphosis cd and it got me through your classic teenage angst. I listened to that on repeat. So it wasn’t a surprise that I found myself glued to these new tracks in particular. I find each season there’s an artist or a song that I am addicted to that becomes my race mantra. Last year, it was Linkin Park, and this spring was Macklemore and Blink 182. Fast forward to now, this one line in the song “Fly” really rings true to this season. I know I’m in the best shape of my life and it’s my time to really go for it, not to hold anything back, to fly.

      Over the summer months we also started planning a trip to Flagstaff, Arizona to boost our training and give us a vacation as well. How surprised was I to learn that the North Arizona Elite (NAZ) team’s mantra was #timetofly. It just felt like this trip, at this time, was meant to be. Further ingraining my obsession with listening to this song on recovery runs and belting it out along the Grand River trails [and you know how awesome my singing voice is from my vlogs ;)].

Continue reading

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Must Be Something in the Paris Water

This season has been 99% ups and only 1% down. I’ve been training and racing at a new level which we runners like to call a “breakthrough” season.

Spring Season Recap- The Numbers:

Refrigeeeighter 8miler – Raced in 4-5inches of snow and slush and held 4min/k and felt great

Chilly Half-Marathon – 1:20:16 (25sec pb), 3rd Female

Achilles 5k – 17:30 (17sec pb), 2nd Female (1 week post Chilly)

ATB 30k- 1:59:00 (12minute pb) 8th Female

Race Roster 8k- 29:40 (46sec pb) 5th Female (2 weeks post ATB)

Montreal Half-Marathon – the 1%, still 6th Female

Brantford Classic 5k- 17:54 1st Female, (1week after MTL)

Mississauga 10k- 36:19 (46sec pb), 1st Female

If you’ve been following my facebook/instagram/twitter you’ll know that I’ve pb’d in every distance I’ve attempted this season. So what gives? Must be something in the water… as the saying goes. While it’d be nice to break it down that simply, I can trace every gain back to what I’ve changed this build. If you’re interested in knowing read on, if not scroll on for some cool pics at the end!

Continue reading

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Chilly Half VLOG Recap

Hey everyone! I had so much fun the first time filming my first vlog I decided to film another! In this VLOG I recap my Chilly Half result/race and this week’s training!

Big thank you to race directors Kelly Arnott and Kathy Coffey for hosting such a great elite field and the great set up for the elites! If you haven’t raced Chilly Half, check out the website here for next year!



Shout out to Skechers teammate Patrick Voo for sending some of his blog love this way! And The Freake himself as well!

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VLOG- Day in the Life Video

Hey Everyone!

Here’s something new! a VLOG about my day to day!


This year’s build by the numbers:

Post scotia: Oct. 17-23: 3.6k in sunny punta cana

Oct. 24-30: 23km

Oct 31- Nov 6: 46K

Nov 7-13: 69km

Nov 14-20: 78.5k

Nov 21-27: 77.5

Nov 28-Dec 1: 99k

Dec 5-11: 109.9k

Dec 12-18: 60k (down week/sick)

Dec 19-25: 114.4k

Dec 26-Jan 1: 111.4k

Jan 2-8: 120.7k

Jan 9-15: 121.1k

Jan 16-22: 125.2k

Jan 23-29: 77.3k

…. and the rest is still unwritten.



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2016 Fall Recap

Better late than never! Since there is just so much to recap i’ll try to keep the little overachiever in me in check and try not to drag on and on about every detail of the summer/fall season.

Continue reading

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Spring season

“Obstacles are those frightening things that become visible when we take our eyes off our goals.”

Did I ever feel that this season. My biggest struggle has been finding out how to get myself back “on” mentally. But, I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s rewind.

Since Scotiabank Half in October I have had some of the best training of my life. I have averaged 100-11okm/ week with weeks over 125km. My workouts are light-years faster than I have ever run.

For example,

Workout 1kmx8  348/35/45/32/43/33/40/25

Longrun 25 km with 11km of tempo in the middle at 410-405 pace

First, let’s break down this season so far

Continue reading

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