Hi I’m Tanis…

I grew up in Oshawa, Ontario (good old ‘shwa) where my love of running first began. I was Windsor lancers xc team 2009very active as a child. From the moment I started recreational gymnastics my coaches saw my strength and drive. Within a few short months, I was training as a competitive gymnast for 4 years competing in competitions across Ontario. Gymnastics was the first love of my life and as any gymnast will tell you, once a gymnast, always a gymnast. I still practice from time to time to keep my skills and always wonder what if? It’s just so addicting! When else do you get the chance to fly? Anyways, as a child training 20 hours a week after school, traveling on weekends to meets, and spending my summers seeing how many rips I could get… I was instilled with drive and determination that still burns today.

For the last 7 years (and counting) you can find me running laps on the track or more accurately these days running where-ever the roads take me. I owe my success and drive for running to the Durham Dragons Track & Field Club. When I joined back in 2007 I knew nothing, and my coaches taught me mileage, pace, workouts, core, form, nutrition, and everything it takes to become a runner. With them, I moved from being just another high school runner, to be a serious competitor in my area. I then moved to Windsor, ON to attend the University of Windsor to complete my Bachelor of Human Kinetics (Kinesiology) and Bachelor of Education degrees. Here, I joined the Windsor Lancers Cross Country and Track & Field teams where I had a lot of trouble adjusting to new coaching. After a few disappointing years I decided to leave the University team and I turned to my own knowledge as a runner and from my Kinesiology degree to be my own coach.

Fast forward to today, and you will find me running half-marathons and marathons. Since I have focused on the longer distances and over the last two years, my running career has sky rocketed and I have been consistently improving ever since. I am currently training and building to one day join Canada’s Elite female marathoners. 2014 was a breakthrough season for me where I  consistently ran mileage around 110-120km per week hitting my highest mileage ever. Only up from here baby!

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