Climbing out of the dark hole

I just wanted to write about my experience. Partly for others, partly for myself if I find myself in that unfortunate place again.


Over the last few weeks I’ve been quiet, and for good reason. I’ve been trying to climb out of the dark hole I put myself in these past few months. I finally am feeling a lot more like myself and am able to move forward. You see, I have a pretty strong family history of anxiety and depression and mine is usually doesn’t give me much trouble other than the occasional stressful day. About 6-8 weeks ago something just changed. I dug myself into a hole in many ways, making my anxiety worse than it’s ever been. Now this isn’t something people talk about much, it’s all talk about sunshine and rainbows when it comes to performing at a high level. But I think a lot of people who have anxiety and/or depression get into running because it helps them feel normal, calm. And it’s important to talk about disappointments as much as success. It’s the reality of a sport that can be so accurately measured by time and distance, minutes and seconds.  Continue reading

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Debuts all around!

Looks like some of you were right! It was in fact the 10,000m on the track where I made my debut in last weekend! I’m not quite sure exactly where the idea came from, but as I created my racing schedule this winter I thought yeah why not, let’s give it a try. I made my way through my season and before I knew it I was only a few weeks away from the Athletics Ontario 10,000m Championships. I originally had it in my head that it would be 2weeks after my race in Mississauga (recap here). However, only a few weeks before, I realized that it was the very next weekend and I hadn’t run on a track for 6years.  Once I realized this, I targeted a few track workouts to get used to it again – 15×200, and 7x1k. Continue reading

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The Art of Pacing

How fast should I aim for? Always the big question before a race. We don’t want to go out 32411221_10156358986412334_4101271241682321408_ntoo hard and die but, we also don’t want to go out too slow and have more left to give at the finish line. This is where the art of pacing comes in. I have to admit, this is something I was HORRIBLE at. Until the last year or so, I’d say I was stuck in the Rob Watson #FFTF (fade from the front) style of racing. Every time I raced I was worried about not hitting my goal time so I would go out on that pace (most of the time a bit faster) and then pay the consequences when I started to fade hard later in the race and lose much more time than I “banked.” This was such a common occurrence that 2 years ago during CRS Waterfront 10k John Lofranco told me he was going to pace off of me but someone told him beforehand that I always go out too hard and he just stayed back and waited for me to blow up – he told me this as he caught me and went by me. Bye bye John! Now, obviously this is not something I was proud of. But, I have always found it hard to pinpoint exactly where my fitness is at.   Continue reading

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Mississauga 10k Recap

Life stress. It’s an important factor in racing performance that is often overlooked. Since December I have been working on my application for physiotherapy school which included having to retake a course because mine didn’t “count.” After a few stressful weeks in December emailing and calling multiple schools trying to find the correct course I ended up with my back up option of taking one through athabasca, twice as long, twice as much. This meant that now I got to spend my spring cramming a full  year course into 5 months. Well this week I realized I was supposed to have it done for end of April… and I will have it done end of May. Oops. Big oversight. Whether this will be a factor, I will know by May 18th. Until then, this meant all of last week and the next 3 weeks will be spent cramming trying to finish my course work so I can book my final test to show I have completed the course.  Continue reading

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Thank you Krista!

History has been made today at the Boston Marathon! I like to think of this as the year where the grinders won! Desi Linden won the Marathon so amazing! She is always the runner-up so it’s great to see her stick it out all these years to finally come out on top! Continue reading

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Spring Run-Off Race Recap

I’m going to keep this week short and just recap last week’s race!

Last week I ran the Spring Run-off 8k at High Park in Toronto. Being a Canadian Running Series event, I was especially looking forward to this one. CRS events are the best organized and bring out the best competition! I really appreciate all the work Alan Brookes, Ian Cater, and all of the CRS staff do to make these races top notch!

Now coming off of a so-so race at Around the Bay I was excited to do something much much shorter, 22km shorter to be exact. This was the third time racing this course so I had a really good idea where to go hard and where to back off. Josh, Rob, Adam, Walt and I did a 4km warm-up around the course and tried to stay warm on this cold “spring” day. It was about -1 at race start but I still managed shorts on the day. Luckily it was sunny which made it feel quite a bit warmer.  Continue reading

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The Story of T

Where does resilience come from? Is it a part of who we are at birth? Is it something we learn that is shaped by our experiences in life? It’s hard to say for certain, but here’s a short story of my life and where I believe my passion has come from.  Continue reading

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Spring Race Recap

I hope everyone is recovering well from ATB 30k this weekend! I don’t know what hurts more my calves or my ego but I will get over both of those ;).

I haven’t done any race recaps yet this year so I’ll post about my last 4 races for this post.

Continue reading

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The Grind: How to Get Through Tough Workouts

I’m known for my grind. I often get complements after races about how much grit I showed during a tough race. I myself think of grinding on a bigger picture. This goes 1929812_17507466773_8950_nback to my years of running in high school, working my ass off, wanting so badly to be up at the front and yet always falling short. I told myself that I would not quit, I would continue to work harder until I was fast enough to run the times that I knew I could in my heart. To that, I say thank you little T. That story in itself is for another day, another blog. This blog I wanted to go through some tips and tricks that can help YOU push your body to get the most out of yourself!

Whether you are lifting weights in the gym or running hard intervals on the road, you need to be able to focus yourself when things get tough and you start to become tired. I have several tricks that I use to keep myself focused and I try to add to these constantly to improve my mental game.  Continue reading

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Shoe Review Skechers Performance 2018

Hey Everyone! Happy St. Patty’s Day!

For today’s post I have some exciting news! I have decided to commit to weekly posts so check back every Friday or Saturday and check them out! I’ve switched things up a bit today – a gear review. Check it out below- 5 SHOES IN 4MINUTES!

*Disclaimer: These shoes are provided to me free by Skechers Performance Canada, though these opinions are truly my own.

Click Play on this video below:


  • GORUN 6: 4-8mm drop (removable insert to “pick your fit”, 5.3oz W/ 6.7oz M
  • GOMEB SPEED 5 [1:24-2:12]: 4mm drop, 4.5oz W/ 5.8oz M
  • GO MEB RAZOR 2 [2:13-3:00]: 4-8mm drop (insert or not), 5.2oz W/ 6.8oz M
  • GORUN ULTRA ROAD 2 [3:01-3:48]:  4mm drop, 2″ heel, 6.4oz W/8oz M (will be the Ultra Max later this year):
  • GORUN Ride 7 [3:48-4:27]: 6mm drop, 7.3oz W/9.3oz M


  • NOT PICTURED >> GORUN FORZA 3 – Creating it’s own category as a lightweight stability shoe. Kara Goucher’s go to shoe! This is for all you PRONATORS out there! If you need more support this is your shoe. 6mm drop, 7.3oz W/9.2oz M
  • NOT PICTURED >> GOTRAIL ULTRA 4 – Ultra-style shoe very similar to the GORUN ULTRA ROAD but with a more aggressive grip on the sole of the shoe. 4mm drop, 8.4oz W/ 10.7oz M


Fit is true to size aka same as most other brands. *You’re looking for their “Performance Line”


*Right now they are a bit low in stock so keep checking back to find your shoe!

In person:

*Best to call ahead


Catch you at Achilles 5k this weekend in Toronto! Happy St. Patty’s day everyone!

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