Training update

Hey so I’m back! Realized that I haven’t blogged in a bit. Been back training strong real consistently since my injury and Brantford Classic. Time flies when your focus is set like a laser. As for training, I’ve kept my mileage in check only 90k max so far and have been focusing on quality workouts. It’s nice right now.

Quality hurts like a bitch… Josh has me running 3:30 pace for a lot of workouts which is crazy. It motivates me for the future…thinking this will one day be my half race pace. It’s awesome because I had no idea that I could go that fast. When you reach that pace and excell at it it’s pretty damn cool.

I’ve been focusing on weight training too, which I know has helped my speed and technique.  I’ll be starting my race season soon which means it’s time to start fine tuning my mental game. I’m on track right now,  a few weeks back I hit a new level of effort- almost blacked out during a workout.  Basically, I have been pushing past the fatigue and leg pain to a point where all of my effort is there. It’s amazing. If I can keep this going during races the sky’s the limit.

Looking forward to testing out my race legs. More to come soon!





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