Shoe Review Skechers Performance 2018

Hey Everyone! Happy St. Patty’s Day!

For today’s post I have some exciting news! I have decided to commit to weekly posts so check back every Friday or Saturday and check them out! I’ve switched things up a bit today – a gear review. Check it out below- 5 SHOES IN 4MINUTES!

*Disclaimer: These shoes are provided to me free by Skechers Performance Canada, though these opinions are truly my own.

Click Play on this video below:


  • GORUN 6: 4-8mm drop (removable insert to “pick your fit”, 5.3oz W/ 6.7oz M
  • GOMEB SPEED 5 [1:24-2:12]: 4mm drop, 4.5oz W/ 5.8oz M
  • GO MEB RAZOR 2 [2:13-3:00]: 4-8mm drop (insert or not), 5.2oz W/ 6.8oz M
  • GORUN ULTRA ROAD 2 [3:01-3:48]:  4mm drop, 2″ heel, 6.4oz W/8oz M (will be the Ultra Max later this year):
  • GORUN Ride 7 [3:48-4:27]: 6mm drop, 7.3oz W/9.3oz M


  • NOT PICTURED >> GORUN FORZA 3 – Creating it’s own category as a lightweight stability shoe. Kara Goucher’s go to shoe! This is for all you PRONATORS out there! If you need more support this is your shoe. 6mm drop, 7.3oz W/9.2oz M
  • NOT PICTURED >> GOTRAIL ULTRA 4 – Ultra-style shoe very similar to the GORUN ULTRA ROAD but with a more aggressive grip on the sole of the shoe. 4mm drop, 8.4oz W/ 10.7oz M


Fit is true to size aka same as most other brands. *You’re looking for their “Performance Line”


*Right now they are a bit low in stock so keep checking back to find your shoe!

In person:

*Best to call ahead


Catch you at Achilles 5k this weekend in Toronto! Happy St. Patty’s day everyone!

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