First Big Article & Around the Bay Thoughts

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BIG excitement this week! I found my article that I wrote for HoneyMaxx on their website and it makes me so excited to see my hard work up there for the world to see! If you haven’t seen it yet, you can read it here (there is also a copy on one of my past blog posts as well). If you’re wondering how did I get an article published/why – as part of Team HoneyMaxx, they ask that we each contribute 5 or so articles throughout the year. I chose strength training because of my knowledge from Kinesiology and personal training.

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Photo Credit:

It was so fun writing it…. well my boyfriend might disagree as I was spending all my free time that weekend working on it – that damn Type A gets me every time – everything has to be perfect. I did a bit of background research on runner specific weaknesses (most of which I was already quite familiar with) and decided what type of writer I wanted to be. I wanted it to be professional yet some personality in it as well. I was quite pleased with the end result. I got Josh to help me take pictures for each exercise… another thing I was very picky with… and then decided the easiest way to describe each one. After reading it a million times (in Uni I always missed grammar errors), I sent it in and was excited that they didn’t want me to change anything and were ready to post it.

I love the idea of writing about running and physiology. My hopes with getting practice writing these articles is that maybe one day I can use them and apply for Canadian Running or another magazine. That’s how people end up in those “out of the box” jobs. What a dream to eat, sleep, and breathe running! And as for my Type A, I wouldn’t change that for anything! That’s the reason why I’m so ambitious and can push myself so hard.

As for Around the Bay….

As most of you know, I will not be racing ATB 30k this year. It’s sad, but no choice really. I have been training the last 6 months with ATB as my focus, but a freak injury at work took me out for the last month (and counting). I was hoping that I’d be fine after a few days to a week, but no go. I have a feeling that I need just a few more days to get back running. I’ve been taking the last 4 days as complete rest, no exercise at all because I go all out in anything I do so I figured maybe the pool running was irritating the injury. I will be at ATB supporting my awesome GRE teammates and reppin’ HoneyMaxx and Skechers.

Here’s a throwback to ATB 2 years ago – another year I couldn’t run (that time I had a concussion! – ATB curse? Let’s hope not!). I’ll be able relax, watch and take in the amazing race atmosphere that ATB is known for. The coolest finish ever! Running into Copps with everyone watching! So good luck to all my fellow competitors – you will do great! I will look forward to watching all the fast times and seeing everyone’s hard work pay off. Until then… run on!

ATB 2013

ATB 2013

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