Back to the pavement!

I’m so excited to be running again! It was a torturous month off especially every day that got closer to ATB knowing I couldn’t race it more and more with each day that passed. But the universe allowed me to run finally the night after watching all the ATB runners.

Now for the hard part… easing back into training.  I’ve been doing well so far not pushing it – running every other day for now. With how driven I am and my big goals it’s hard not to jump back into the grind. It hasn’t been quite that comfortable either. I realize I have a lot of work to doThis is me right now –> 

Pain everywhere! All these weird aches and pains that I know I can contribute to one thing: muscle atrophy. All those weeks of limping around and only swimming caused me to lose some muscle mass which I’ll need to build back now. I don’t mind working hard, I’m just happy to be back on my feet again! feet

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