VLOG- Day in the Life Video

Hey Everyone!

Here’s something new! a VLOG about my day to day!


This year’s build by the numbers:

Post scotia: Oct. 17-23: 3.6k in sunny punta cana

Oct. 24-30: 23km

Oct 31- Nov 6: 46K

Nov 7-13: 69km

Nov 14-20: 78.5k

Nov 21-27: 77.5

Nov 28-Dec 1: 99k

Dec 5-11: 109.9k

Dec 12-18: 60k (down week/sick)

Dec 19-25: 114.4k

Dec 26-Jan 1: 111.4k

Jan 2-8: 120.7k

Jan 9-15: 121.1k

Jan 16-22: 125.2k

Jan 23-29: 77.3k

…. and the rest is still unwritten.



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