Thank you Krista!

History has been made today at the Boston Marathon! I like to think of this as the year where the grinders won! Desi Linden won the Marathon so amazing! She is always the runner-up so it’s great to see her stick it out all these years to finally come out on top!

Even bigger than that is Krista Duchene from Brantford’s run today! At age 41, Krista just placed 3rd at one of the premier marathon events in the world! I was watching the marathon while training and client and I was explaining to them how huge it was that Desi was in the lead. I told her that the Kenyans/Ethopians always win and she replied, “why even race then if they always win.” I replied, this is why. Days like this where the more “talented” runners are put on a level playing field with the rest. Take the speed out of their legs and it puts a lot of other runners in contention. Krista’s performance is why we stick it out.


This hits home for me, I’ve always felt less talented than others and had to work really hard to even get this far, with still much work left to be done. I’m proud of being a grinder because I know that some day the opportunity will come for me to come out on top, the window of opportunity. Every once in a while something happens to those who are faster or more talented and that window opens, allowing a “slower” or “less talented” runner to shine. The grinders, who are out there working hard with little to show for it. Well, Krista just took this window and flung it wide open! 3rd place at the Boston marathon, going in with a respectable goal of sub 2:40, not many would have put her in contention. Even I was very excited watching the race when I seen that she was in 10th place, but 3rd place, who would have dreamed of it! What an amazing run for her.

This is why I continue to gut it out. Not being the most talented, but working with my own strengths and weaknesses to get the most out of myself. She has just inspired a nation to throw out preconceived notions about how “good” Canadians can be! She has inspired runners of every ability level and age! At age 41, a latecomer to the sport, Krista has really worked hard to see this day come to fruition.


I have been lucky enough to train with Krista a few times during this build and have gotten to know her a lot better over the last few years at races. This winter, being one of the worst ones in Ontario to date, we both shared experiences of tough training days. Today, as I strided through the left overs of yesterdays freezing rain debacle on the same streets that Krista trains on as well (as we are both from Brantford), I couldn’t help but feel immense pride. Thank you Krista for inspiring me to never set limits for myself. You have made your country very proud in what was great tribute to the Humboldt victims!

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  1. So awesome. Very inspiring day!


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